Trash Collection

As part of the Co-collection pilot program, all regular household trash should be bagged only in the official Town-issued Orange trash bags before being placed out for collection.

Each participating household in the pilot communities will be provided with two 15-gallon orange trash bags and one 8-gallon green food scraps bag per week for the length of their pilot program. If after recycling and separating out your food waste, you find that your household needs more than 2 bags per week, please see additional details provided by your community.

For communities with curbside collection:

Place your Orange trash bags and Green Food scraps bag curbside on your collection day.

For drop-off communities:

Please tie and secure both Orange trash bags and Green food scrap bags and place in the appropriate containers, as directed by your local drop-off center staff.

Do not place the following items in the Orange town-approved bags:

  • Recyclable plastic, glass, or metal (place in recycling bin)

  • Food scraps (use green bags)

  • Yard waste (check with your community for local disposal options)

  • Dirt, sod, concrete, or rock

  • Construction/demolition debris

  • Household hazardous waste

  • Hot ashes or flammable materials such as oil, gas, or paint