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Program Details

Connecticut is Facing a Trash Crisis
  • Waste disposal capacity in the US is shrinking.

  • The New England region is expected to lose 40% of its trash disposal capacity in the next 5 years and up to 100% by 2040.

  • The MIRA incinerator in Hartford, is no longer burning trash, this facility was relied on by 35 neighboring communities, leaving them without a disposal site.

  • This loss of trash disposal capacity is significantly affecting Deep River.

  • The alternative of trucking CT trash up to 600 miles out of state is expensive and not sustainable. We need a new approach.

We Need to Reduce Waste
  • Food scraps make up 20% of the waste we currently throw away and can easily be converted to energy and compost right here in Connecticut.

  • The food scrap collection pilot provides Transfer Station users a convenient and easy way to recycle their food scraps at no additional  cost.

  • Removing food waste from the trash and converting those scraps into clean, renewable energy can save us money.

Deep River is Being Proactive
  • Deep River received a $100K dollar grant from DEEP to implement a Town-wide pilot program.

  • The pilot program will allow the City and our residents to try the program before deciding if we want to make it permanent.The food scraps collection pilot program is free to residents.

  • All households will separate out food scraps from the trash and place into special color-coded trash bags provided by the town.

  • A permanent program has an environmental impact equal to adding 3,000 solar panels to Deep River homes each year, that’s more than one per household!  It’s also the equivalent of removing 387 gasoline powered cars from the roads.

It Will Be Easy to Participate
  • Residents will receive an allotment of free colored-coded bags for the duration of the pilot:

    • 1 green (8-gallon) food scrap bag per week for food scraps

    • 2 orange (15-gallon) tall kitchen bags per week for non-recyclable household trash

  • Recycling of paper & cardboard and bottles & cans will continue as usual.

  • Residents should tie and close each of the orange and green bags and bring to the Transfer Station for disposal.

  • The food scraps will be sent to a facility to be converted into green energy.

  • Learn more at the links at the top of the page!

More Information

For more information, please contact the Town of Deep River Selectmen’s Office

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